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Find Your Wild Soul

You will never know what are you capable of unless you try, and If you fail, try again! A story climbing a mountain #WildSoul

Have you ever experience the feeling that the whole world is conspiring against you? I used to feel that way; and to be honest, I still think that is true. But don't get me wrong, I know life can be a total bitch, but the decision is yours, You can let life push you down or you can show it how strong you can be, that's when your #WildSoul appears

Before I jumped into this adventure, I was passing by an emotional crisis (as everyone some time, right?) one of those times when you want to quit your job, speak to no one or disappear for a couple of days. One day I just woke up and decided to give myself a break, forget everything and everyone, at least for one day. I know that for some of you that may sound irresponsible, but trust me;

"Taking time off is not a waste of time."

I am not a professional climber or a fanatic of heights, so when I decided to give it a try, many doubts surrounded my head. Am I in condition to do it? Do I need workout training or mental preparation before climbing? Should I call my mom before going up? Then I just compared those questions with my daily concerns: Do I like my job? Will I recover from my recent heartbreak? Am I on the right path? Suddenly it just hit me, why I keep overthinking instead of doing something about it? So I found a professional tour guide, I joined a group of people, and I started the journey.

The views are amazing! See the mountains from the bottom and then from the top made me feel bigger and stronger, they made me show another facet of myself I didn't know I had. How many times do we feel powerless against situations in life? We may not see it, but life is like a big mountain, and those who stay in the bottom will never know what is expecting us at the top, but to get there, you need to be wild!

Fight every day, the path to your goals is no made of flowers, stop question yourself if it is worth it to try, start doing what you think is the best for you, and find your #WildSoul

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